Student Planners

At Fazakerley High we encourage pupils to take ownership of their learning. Pupils have pocket-sized planners, which help develop their organisation skills. The planners help to record the progress of pupils in each subject. All subjects are tracked periodically through the academic year with a Progress Path linked to their individual target grade.

The Progress Path will track the performance of the pupil and highlight target areas to improve.

Homework in planners is recorded on a weekly basis. The homework is checked by Form Teachers to ensure pupils are being set homework and making progress. In addition, Parents and Guardians are asked to take an active role in supporting their pupil's progress by checking over their planners and supplying a weekly signature.

We feel pupils need to take responsibility for their own learning and planners are a simple and effective way they can achieve this.

The School would like to thank Parents and Guardians for their continual support.