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All staff in Fazakerley High School are working together to celebrate maths and numeracy in some National events. Below is just a snapshot of what we have been doing in our school to enthuse our pupils about maths…

Maths Party Day 2017

Our whole school got together to celebrate Maths Party Day! Pupils experienced maths in all subject areas through activities expertly designed by our team of experienced maths teachers. Some pupils studied ‘Curves of pursuit’ in Art while others were measuring effects of exercise on the classes ‘average’ heart rate in P.E. There was a real buzz around the school as the pupils wondered what would be coming next!

NSPP Number Day

As part of our Number Day 2018 we are planning to have all lessons across the school making links to Numeracy and Maths as well as Pi(e) sales and probability game stalls at break time for pupils to try!

More information to follow!

A major feature of the day will be a ‘FINANCIAL EDUCATION’ focus in all of our maths lessons. Pupils often understand that they will rarely need to solve quadratic equations in their adult lives and want to know more about the maths they will need for their day to day lives. The maths team are going to deliver this to all pupils and they will learn all about; household bills and their costs, which bills are ‘essential’ and which are ‘luxuries’, what the current minimum wage equates to, taxes, how GCSE results will impact their future and what wages they are likely to be able to achieve and MUCH more!

So parents expect your child to come home with all kinds of questions about your household bills and please – Encourage this! Show them what you do pay and the organisation it takes to run a household.

Our Financial Awareness homework encouraged our pupils to think about future budgeting with their families. They brought back some fabulous ideas!