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How can you get involved in LCQM?

Be a Role Model

The most important thing is to be a good role model to your child, particularly where maths is concerned… even if it isn’t your strongest subject. Speak positively about maths and ensure that your child knows that their efforts are rewarded and appreciated, not just their attainment.


Ask your child about the maths they have been learning in school. Take an active interest in doing their homework with them, even if it may be you learning it as well! We have a variety of useful websites that are almost like having a maths tutor at home with you. Please take some time to see look at the fabulous resources available in these free websites:

This website offers TUTORIALS for ALL the mathematics topics your child will be learning in school. It also offers printable EXAM QUESTION PACKS for each topic as well as FULLY WORKED SOLUTIONS for these packs.

This is perhaps the best resource you will find online to help your child with their work. has many detailed slideshows which help pupils to understand concepts and skills they will need both in life and in their GCSE exams. Some of the animations can be particularly useful for any pupils who struggle with Geometry based topics. It also offers a range of fun games to play that will allow your child to have fun while honing important skills. Click the link and explore!

Some other really useful websites are:

Go the Extra Mile

All staff here at FHS encourage our pupils to go and research topics independently at home, beyond what is given for homework. As a parent you have the power to help us create an ethos where independent study is something to be proud of. Pupils who regularly study on their own at home (for example using make much better progress in class year upon year.

‘Flipped learning’ is based around the concept of pupils learning the basics of upcoming topics themselves at home, then honing skills and attempting more challenging tasks when they are in their lessons with a teacher to assist them.

Studies seem to indicate spending time researching at home save a lot of time in the classroom so pupils can progress further within the same time frame.

Even without fully adopting this method pupils can reap the benefits of independent study if they use it consistently to work on their weaker areas or, like in the ‘flipped learning’ model, upcoming topics.

The Bottom Line

Encourage your child to go the Extra Mile!

National Numeracy Challenge

Another way you can help inspire your child is to get involved yourself. Visit the National Numeracy Challenge website and try the challenge for yourself! Challenge your own maths and show your child that it is nothing to be afraid of.

There is no shame in getting answers wrong, only in not trying the questions at all!

If this inspires you to learn more, please visit the websites above and get working on your own mathematics. This could allow you to help out with homework or at least offer some moral support on revision/research techniques.

Make a change today!