Occupational Sectors

A career can be explained as a ‘pathway through life’ and like any journey there are transitional periods, milestones and even crossroads. So we have taken the opportunity below to list a wide selection of recommended and reliable sources of general as well as specific careers information sources, but don’t miss the 'extra web gems' and 'hot tips' at the end.

Extensive and inspiring videos explored by subject interest, job type or life decision. Also includes a popular mini Interest Guide that can be helpful for generating ideas:

This site is an excellent resource for anyone thinking about going to university, or job seeking after graduation.

There is a helpful Career Planner to give young people ideas as to what they may be suited to, as well as information about work experience and postgraduate study:

They may also find careerplayer a useful companion for exploring graduate career films:

Occupational Sectors

Information Leaflets

The following leaflets contain information about many different employment sectors, the careers available within them and the routes to these careers.