The school is conveniently located close to both train and bus routes. Fazakerley train station is approximately a ten minute walk away and there are various buses from Aintree, Orrell Park, Walton, Croxteth, Norris Green and Kirkby all travelling along routes close to the school.

Additionally there is a bus service which travels to and from Broadway and the school via Croxteth. There is no charge for this service for pupils who are in receipt of a free Liverpool City Council Travel Pass. Alternatively, pupils can pay £1.20 each way to use the service.

Timings and Route of the School Bus

  • Route starts at 8am on Utting Avenue East at the Junction with Sedgemoor Road.
  • Turns right onto Lower House Lane, continues onto Dwerryhouse Lane.
  • Turns Left at roundabout onto Oak Lane. Continues onto Oak Lane North.
  • Turns around at the Toundabout on Oak Lane North.
  • Turns right onto Croxteth Hall Lane.
  • Turns right onto Altcross Hall Lane.
  • Turns right onto Altcross Road.
  • Turns right onto Moss Way.
  • Turn left onto Middle Way and continues onto Willow Way.
  • Turns left onto East Lancashire Road.