School Direct

Train to Teach

Fazakerley High School Consortium – in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University

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School Direct is an exciting new route into teaching where trainee teachers work in a home school for the majority of their training.

There are two routes available:

  • School Direct training route programme
  • School Direct salaried route programme

Accreditation for the Post Graduate Certificate of Education with Qualified Teacher Status(PGCE with QTS) is awarded by our university partner: Liverpool John Moores University. The intention of School Direct is to create a deeper partnership between schools and universities. A lead school works in partnership with a university and other schools, as a group which is referred to as a consortium. Although there are no guarantees, every effort is made to employ School Direct trainees within their consortium, upon successfully gaining QTS.

What does our programme look like?

Our practical programme is balanced with theoretical education input and professional studies, with graduates not only gaining QTS but also a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) through our partnership with Liverpool John Moores University.

At the start of your training you will complete a one week induction programme in the last week of August at Liverpool John Moores University; you will then start your placement in September in your allocated ‘home school’ and be part of your subject team from day one. There will be an alternate placement of six weeks starting in January in a contrasting school within the consortium, which will help you gain a breadth of experience to prepare you for your Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) year, ensuring that you have experience in working with special needs pupils (SEN) including pupils with English as an additional language (EAL). We will also arrange for experience in one of our partner primary schools if you are on a secondary school placement.

What support can I expect during my training?

You will be assigned a subject mentor within your department; they will support you on a daily basis. You will also receive weekly practical training sessions with a professional mentor in your school. Alongside your work in school, Liverpool John Moores University provide support in the form of training days relating to your subject, which will enable you to understand the theory behind teaching and to extend your subject knowledge in relation to teaching. They will also set and mark assignments that you must complete as part of your PGCE.

What are our expectations of you inside the classroom?

On the training route you will start off by observing lessons and noting what makes a good teacher and strategies used and gradually you will begin to teach, as and when you are ready. The expectation is that by Christmas you will be doing 40% solo teaching, 50% to February and then 60% to July (supervised by the classroom teacher). This allows you to gain experience with a full range of classes. You will also be placed in a form and work alongside an experienced form tutor in order to gain pastoral experience. On the salaried route you will quickly build up to solo teaching of up to around an 80% teaching timetable.

What qualifications will I gain from a School Direct programme?

If you complete the School Direct training or salaried programme successfully, in addition to achieving Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) you will gain a PGCE with 60 Masters level credits, giving you an advantage should you decide to continue with your studies. LJMU provide a Masters Programme which can be taken up in your NQT year and is designed to link closely with your teaching.

What are the benefits of School Direct?

You can expect lots of support and high quality feedback to help you to progress towards becoming an outstanding teacher. Because you become a true team member of your home school, you are able to build strong relationships with students and staff over a full academic year and the progression of your teaching and the positive impact you have on students at the school is clearly tangible. Where possible we try to place you as an NQT within our consortium of schools, when you gain QTS, however, there is no guarantee of employment.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact:

Sophia Kokosalakis, School Direct Lead
Fazakerley High School
0151 524 4530